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FAQs About Florida Vacation Resort

Why should I stay in a Terra Verde Villa?

There are many benefits to staying in a Terra Verde Villa. Renting a villa offers huge advantages over hotel rooms:

  • Cost Effective - cost per person per night is often a fraction of a hotel rate.
  • Space - you have the advantage of living space that you simply would not have in a hotel.
  • Facilities - all our homes have either there own spa or pool, and in some case both. They also often provide facilities and amenities well beyond those in other vacation accommodation for example strollers for infants.

Why choose Terra Verde Resort?

Terra Verde Resort was purpose built for vacation villa rentals. It is centered around a clubhouse with facilities you would expect from a vacation resort such as the pool, fitness room, concierge service, kids playpark, tiki bar and tennis court. So you have the benefits of a villa rental, but also a vacation resort. The difference this makes compared to renting a villa in a residential area can not be emphasised enough.

How do I know the home is genuine?

This is becoming a frequently asked question with the growth in booking online, and like everything online caution should be used. We have checked all the homes listed on the website against county records for ownership before accepting the advert. Things can change and we are happy to offer advice on any home listed currently on the website. We regret we can not, and will not, offer confirmation on any home not listed on the website as we simply do not have the information available to verify it and will not do the work for other websites or agents.

Why book using Terra-Verde-Villas.com?

All the homes listed on our website are listed by the individual owners. You will be dealing directly with the home owner - this means you will be booking the home you are looking at. Some agencies offer a 'typical home' or home of an 'executive standard' and this often means you look at pictures of a generic home and not necessarily the one you will be allocated. You will have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you are renting, where it is and the facilities it offers.

As you will be booking directly with the owner it saves commission to agents and this keeps the rental cost down.

Are all homes the same?

No - they vary widely both on the resort and compared to other communities. You can not tell a home from its outside photo - they may look the same outside but can vary greatly in the interior in both decoration and offerings. This is to be welcomed as you can carefully choose what you need and book a home tailored to your needs. Obviously cost will vary between the homes depending on what standard they are furnished and how they are maintained and you should bear this in mind when comparing quotes.

Please also bear in mind that although this is a resort, each home is individually owned and furnished. There is therefore no set standard to homes on the resort and indeed this is generally true of all rental homes in the area.

Is it close to Disney?

Yes - it is a short and simple drive to Disney, and in fact all the typical Orlando area attractions are within easy reach. Please see our location page for more information.

Do you provide a shuttle bus?

There was not enough demand for a shuttle bus so the service was stopped. The conceirge in the clubhouse can help arrange book a minibus or taxi if you wish to pay for a park or airport transfer. We personally recommend having a rental car for your stay as it gives more flexibility when visiting theme parks or shopping.

Do we need a car?

Although it would be possible to stay without the use of a car, we highly recommend that you rent a car for your stay. It is by far the easiest method for getting to and from the airport, theme parks, restaurants and shops. At the bottom of our location page is a quote generator and details of the company we recommend.

Is there a tennis court?

Yes! Some websites wrongly advertised there was a tennis court when the resort was built and this led to confusion. I am pleased to say the resort has now constructed a tennis court, so yes we have one. Details on renting it are available in the clubhouse.

How do I access the home?

It depends on the system the home owner uses. In some cases there will be a kepypad door or keysafe at the home, so you can go straight to the resort. Some owners will expect you to collect a key from their management companies office and the location of these vary. Please check with the owner you book with if this required.

What does 'Gated Community' mean?

Terra Verde is a gated community. Access to the resort is through a gated entrance and access is controlled. On first arrival you will need to show a booking confirmation for the home, rental home address and photo ID to gain access to the resort. You can then register in the clubhouse for a temporary gate keycard (refundable $10 deposit) to make access quick and easy.

If you expect visitors then you can phone the gatehouse to let them know and a temporary pass will be issued to the visitor - this includes pizza delivery etc. Details on this are given at resort registration.

Being gated this gives you peace of mind that the resort is solely being used by other vacation guests and offers a safer environment than a non-gated community.

What star rating is the Resort?

There is no official rating for either resorts or indeed rental villas, so we do not list one on this website. Terra Verde has won several awards and is a well recognised and sought after location for vacations, sports teams and conference accomodation.

The normal internet sources of reviews do not cater for individual homes on a resort community, either confusing it as a hotel with all accomodation alike, or only focusing on an individual home and not the resort. There is also increasing concern on authenticity of reviews on some sites. For those reasons, and despite the great reviews and awards of excellence, we do not promote this.